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I am an author, entrepreneur, business strategist/coach as well as a former University of California at Berkeley Golden Bear footballer. Go BEARS!  I am a single father of two great boys and have always been involved in their schooling, social and extracurricular/sports activities since they were babies.  I am not a workaholic dad with no time for my kids.  They are and always have been a priority to me.  My kids are why I do what I do.   I have often been told by my friends that I am unusual.  I hope they mean that in a positive way.   lol  How I have been described is “always encouraging and supportive, never negative and defeatist, always trying to inspire my friends to be all they can be.”  What I came to realize for myself is that my purpose for my life was to help others realize their purpose and put a timeline on it.

Lots of people have goals they want to accomplish and things they want to do in their life.  I want to work with people to help them actually realize these goals by establishing a specific game plan and timeline because… ”A goal without a plan is just a wish.  Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Raised in a suburb of Sacramento, California, I have lived in this area for some time and have been involved in many local non-profit and public awareness efforts.  I presently serve as the chair of the Placer County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) community advisory committee (CAC).  The CAC is a state mandated advisory committee to local school boards on topics related to special education and the effective delivery of services to Special Needs Children within California.  I am creating a Google+ Community to provide resources, training and other information to the parents of special needs children.  This community will be called “Our Special Needs Children.”


Visit our website www.OurSpecialNeedsChildren.org to join this Google+ Community when it is ready for prime time.


As an entrepreneur, I have successfully created muli-million dollar companies from fledgling inception to profitable maturity before turning over the reins of management to a new leadership team.  I have always recognized my strength comes in the creation stage of a business and not in the on-going and day to day management of a venture.  Creating something out of nothing is the essence of being an entrepreneur and that is something I have always excelled at in my business life.


I will post or share things that interest me and it may be political, inspirational, humorous, provocative, philosophical, entrepreneurial, relating to special education or just plain silly.  Whatever catches my attention that I feel is share worthy.

Well, this is Keith in a nutshell.  Cheers!



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